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performance systems built to deliver

AFTERSHOCK PC was founded in 2012 by a team of hardware enthusiasts, competitive gamers and IT professionals. In the many years since our founding, our team of master craftsmen has time and time again proven that we are able to deliver the ultimate boutique pc experience through a combination of craftsmanship, no compromise service and value.

a proven track record

multi-award winning pc brand

Every Performance PC and Laptop that goes through Aftershock PC’s assembly line is carefully hand assembled and triple-tested by a dedicated team of enthusiasts, ensuring that you get world class cable management, build quality and quality assurance everytime.


what makes us truly unique?


Our team of experienced system builders and engineers build hundreds of systems daily and have an absolute mastery of creating PCs. Our passionate team has mastered their craft, allowing us to deliver systems that will redefine your expectations of the possibilities.


Purchasing an AFTERSHOCK PC is more than just the transaction of a bleeding edge piece of technology. We take pride in ensuring that every system we build stays in top form throughout it’s lifespan. Our local team of passionate professionals are here to serve your every need, and our track record speaks for itself.

Comprehensive Warranty package

As Singapore’s leading boutique notebook and desktop builder, we have built our reputation of excellence on the back of an unbeatable warranty coverage for every system we build... From lighting fast turnaround times to 1 for 1 replacement of failed components on the spot*, we deliver a service experience that will ensure you are covered.


At AFTERSHOCK PC, we allow you to select and choose the exact components for your systems. We only use top of the line retail components such as Samsung SSD, Crucial SDs and more. Our system’s components are carefully chosen to ensure performance, reliability and quality.

24 Hour








A Relation With Every Customer

At AFTERSHOCK PC, you are purchasing more than just a top-of-the-line system to meet your exact needs. Every system we build is a commitment to deliver on every possible front to our users, and we strive to ensure that users are able to find the right configuration for their needs. We place a strong emphasis on helping users to make educated decisions during system configurations, so that you as the customer can understand your system better and make the best possible choices. The relationship does not end at the point of purchase. Our AFTERSALES team stands at the ready to meet your any need, with lifetime technical support for all systems we build.