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The first-class experience

Our builds are for those whose PC dreams go beyond the norm. Every build is individually built to the design of your choice. We are a team of modders and tech enthusiasts who are passionate about our work and obsessed with quality. Equipped with decades of PC building experience we are here to listen and work with you to ensure you receive a PC that is as well-built as it is unique.

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What is now proved was once only imagined ~ William Blake

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If you dream it, we can achieve it

The Ultra-labs experience is tailored to every single one of our customers to provide an individual service that exceeds expectations on every level. We are a team of innovative engineers and industrial graphic designers that utilise industrial level machinery to bring to life creations once thought impossible. Don’t settle for anything less than what you want, we’ll make it happen.

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Imagination is the only limitation

We manufacture our own custom components in house using the highest quality materials and techniques. By developing and producing our own parts, we offer an unrivalled level of customisation, product knowledge and technical support.

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Stand out from the crowd

We provide a tailored service to personalise as much or as little of your build as you’d like - from a vinyl panel sticker to an entire case and component repaint. Our specialist team takes you through the process to ensure that your PC completes your vision.

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The design, specifications and build of your PC are handled by our industry-leading team of experts. Having been featured in the media and seen around the world our award-winning builds are constantly raising the bar of what's possible in the world of PC customisation.

Internationally renowned craftsmanship

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Seagate came to us and wanted the best PC to show off their new FireCuda line. So we took their graphics and created the cleanest build to show them off with a parallel water loop for minimalist pipes, a custom GPU backplate, and fully machined a floor distribution block with printed artwork inside.

To emphasise this builds fire theme we installed a unique 7" screen using a custom mount allowing it to sit low in the case and display animated flames. Polishing this firey build off is the rear fan's grill to match the hex grilles in the case and an engraved aftershock logo in the glass.

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Christian came to us with a single request, build him a 20/10 dream PC - and boy did we deliver. We hand-built this incredible PC based on his passion for NFT horseracing, Inspired by his own favourite NFT racehorse, Ducky Mallon.

This futuristic masterpiece features our heavily modified case with all interior and exterior panels re-sprayed to the custom colour theme. We re-cut elements of the case enabling us to achieve the incredible feat of running open loop pipes all the way around the case. To support the stunning 7-inch screen we manufactured a custom power supply and monitor mount.

The case's back panel and GPU backplate feature custom-printed NFT horseracing inspired artworks. On the front of the case we designed a custom-made RGB logo and laser engraving, we also fabricated a stand-alone full replica light-stand of Ducky Mallon.

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Created specifically to be a feature piece in Australian Twitch legend SideLogic’s stream room, this god-tier rig features our first custom CNC distro block fully featured with RGB lighting and reflective backing.

Designed from the ground up, we machined and modified the entire PC for the cleanest possible aesthetic while ensuring peak power and performance. The open-air chassis was highly modified to ensure every component was visible including the monstrous custom water blocks that keep this insane PC cool.

It's the love child of a streaming legend and a team of perfectionists.

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We were approached to build a PC worthy of harnessing the power of the one ring - and we delivered a beauty that would make the Elves of Rivendell envious.

Taking the lord of the rings theme we engraved the glass with the text of the one ring and fabricated custom Elvish fan grills. The ring itself was custom-printed front and centre onto the GPU backplate and we imbued the entire rig with golden trimmings to match.

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We teamed up with Gigabyte to create the World's First Bubble Tea themed PC!

For this build we built a fully customized interior, complete with milky coolant and replica bobas that swirl around the reservoir to nail the perfect aesthetic required. Topped off with an adorable lit-up corgi motif, inspired by the owner’s own furry friend.

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Get In Touch

If you have a PC dream that you want to see brought to life, get in touch with our expert team straight away and we can begin the process of turning your dream into a reality.

Call us on 03 9043 3893 if you call outside our business hours or you can't get through to us, make sure to leave a message and we'll get back to you.

Or you can also email us at sales@aftershockpc.com.au


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