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Who are we?

Aftershock PC Australia was founded in 2018 with one aim, to provide the ultimate custom PC experience. In just a few short years, we've put together a diverse team that comes from all walks of life, and we all have one thing in common - we love PC gaming. We are incredibly passionate about what we do and strive to provide an unparalleled experience for our customers every step of the way.

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Why choose us?

From helping you choose the best PC for your individual needs, to our support team that goes above and beyond for the lifetime of your PC. We want your PC to feel personal to you and be something that you’re proud to own.

Every PC we sell is hand-built right here in Australia with care and precision by our experienced team of passionate PC enthusiasts. Our builders work incredibly hard to ensure every PC looks picture-perfect with industry-leading standards. Our systems are built with only high-quality, reliable components that are carefully chosen by our expert team.

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Quality Craftsmanship

Every system we build is quality checked by multiple technicians to ensure it meets the Aftershock standard. We check every level of detail to ensure we deliver your dream system built to perfection. With world-class cable management and thoughtful design, know that we're building you a custom PC to last. We ensure every system is well-packed to ensure they’re safe in transit and have no issues on arrival.

Optimised Performance

We rigorously test our systems to ensure they can handle any process we throw at them and provide you with the best possible performance, without any compromises. We make sure that every system meets the demands and expectations of every customer and is in top form for its lifespan. Every Aftershock PC is ready to go straight out of the box with no maintenance required.

Superior Warranty Service

We are dedicated to making sure that we answer any question you have about your PC and solve any issue that we can remotely with our dedicated support team. And if you have to bring it in for a service, our team will quickly fix your issue and have your PC back to you looking good as new. With our policy of 1 for 1 replacement of failed components, know that we'll always make sure you're covered.

A relationship beyond the point of purchase

For us, it's not about just selling someone a PC and moving on. Every system we build and sell is a commitment to deliver on every possible front to our users. That we make sure that every user has the information they need to make the best possible choice for themselves when purchasing one of our systems. To ensure that every Aftershock customer is always looked after by our renowned support team, from the day they open the box to the day they upgrade. From casual to professional gamers, hobby photographers to groundbreaking creatives, we’ve built an expansive community that we’re proud to provide an unbeatable service that sets us above the rest.


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