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Australian PC Awards 2021 winners: The best of the best in PC

"Aftershock has to take it for its insane personalised builds. There's a price premium, but you get a custom-built Ferrari for it. They also have the quality sewn up."

- Australian PC Awards

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You Are Nothing Compared To This $30,000 PC

"However good you think your gaming PC or setup is, it will not come anywhere close to matching the enormity of this $30,000-plus build."

-Alan Walker, Kotaku Australia

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Aftershock HyperGate Mini Review - Mighty Midget

"From the balls-to-the-wall Explorer Showcase PC to the budget friendly BOLT, Aftershock PC handcrafts exceptional machines limited only by your price point and creativity. "

-Kizito Katawonga, Power UP


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